Silva Romer Protractor
Silva Romer Protractor

Silva Romer Protractor

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Brand: Silva
Article number: NAV-SIL-KHMTR
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A protractor is a clear plastic card with a number of size distributions on it and is used to divide map squares on a staff map into 100s. This allows you to define a coordinate up to 10 meters.

The protractor consists of three parts.
The most recognizable part of the protractor is the ruler at the bottom. Of course you know what you can do with a ruler.
Then there's a protractor, a semi-circle with a degree distribution from 0 degrees to 180 degrees.
What is left are the two corners. These are the most important parts of protractor in solving the map coordinates. The large corner is for maps with a scale of 1: 25,000 and the small for 1: 50,000. The angle is the same size as a square on the map, and is divided into a hundred pieces. For every 2 piecses on the map, there is a stripe on the protractor.

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