Paracord Paracord 550 Reflective
Paracord Paracord 550 Reflective

Paracord Paracord 550 Reflective

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Brand: Paracord
Article number: SC-PAR-OD-TR
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550 reflective paracord contains three 3M reflective tracers

  • UV Resistant
  • Colors will not bleed
  • 7  Inner Core Strands
  • This cord has been tested and breaks at about 400lbs.
  • Made in the USA

Reflective Paracord is similar to our 550 Paracord and adds in three 3M Retro Reflective Tracers.

The tracers appear to be light gray with normal light, but in no or low light conditions the tracers will reflect back any light on them. This makes the cord ideal for lowlight visibility conditions.

The Reflective Paracord uses the same 7 core strands as regular 550 Paracord. This cord is not as strong as 550 paracord as it will break around 400 lbs.  The reflective tracers are weaker so that is why it breaks 150 lbs lees than 550 cord.  

As with all of our cord products, The reflective cord is Made in the USA 100%

Please Note! Length is indicated per meter.
Minimum length per order; 5 metres, then you can indicate the desired length with the number of meters. (5=5 meter, 6=6 meter, 7=7 meter, etc, etc)

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