Travellunch Ham and Fried Potatoes
Travellunch Ham and Fried Potatoes

Travellunch Ham and Fried Potatoes


Travellunch meals are produced from quality, freeze dried, well controlled ingredients.

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They are lightweight, easy to carry, quickly prepared and can be kept for two years without cooling. 125 g are adequate for one meal for one person. Well proven and perfect for travelling, camping, expeditions or emergency rations.


Mix contents of the pouch with approx. 300 ml boiling water. Let stand for 5 min, then pour off the rest of the water. Heat fat in a pan and fry potatoes until they are crispy.


Potatoes (61%), roast onions, ham (7%), salt, spices, herbs. Separately packed: hydrogenated vegetable fat.


Use frying pan

Nutrition value 100g dry
kcal: 460 / kj: 1922
Protein in gr: 4,9
Carbohydrates in gr: 45,7
Fat in gr: 28,7

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