DD Hammocks Tarp M DD Hammocks Tarp M DD Hammocks Tarp M
DD Hammocks Tarp M DD Hammocks Tarp M DD Hammocks Tarp M

DD Hammocks Tarp M

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Merk: DD Hammocks
Artikelnummer: DD-TRP-M-OG
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The DD Tarp M is 3.5m x 2.5m and is the same tough with lots of srong attachment points (19 in total) just like our other tarps allowing it to be set-up in different ways.

Twelve tough reinforced attachment points along the sides, 4 reinforced corner attachment points and 3 loops running along the ridge (middle) line of the tarp.

This size has been requested by a number of people - it offers good cover over the ends of the hammock when set-up in a regular rectangular shape and the 2.5m width is enough to protect the sides of the hammock while not being excessive, keeping the weight down.

However it is not as wide or as flexible/ versatile in set-up options as our 3m x 3m tarp, which due to its shape, allows literally hundreds of set-up options.

Different people have different preferences for tarps - we made this tarp due to some requests and to offer people more options.
There is no right or wrong tarp for hammock/ ground camping, it all comes down to personal preference.

Size: 3.5m x 2.4m

Weight: 810g (not including pegs)
19 attachment points
Includes: 4 x pegs + 4 guy lines

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