BetaLight Betalight Torch BetaLight Betalight Torch BetaLight Betalight Torch
BetaLight Betalight Torch BetaLight Betalight Torch BetaLight Betalight Torch

BetaLight Betalight Torch

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The Self-Luminous Torch is a compact, lightweight and flexible light source providing soldiers with reliable and secure illumination that does not affect night vision

Key Features

  • Absolute reliability in all environmental conditions
  • Betalight luminance maintains night vision
  • Maintenance-free, no batteries or bulbs required
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design
  • Recessed light source and hinged front cover increase security by enabling graduated light exposure
  • Long operational life
  • NATO stock number 6260-99-965-3582


The Self-Illuminated Torch utilises green light to a brightness of 1,000µL providing practical illumination of an area of 10cm². Brightness is not affected by temperature, humidity, altitude or operational plane.

Typical Applications

  • Infantry Night Aid: for use by mortar or light support weapon crews for reading target record charts, fuse or
  • sight graduations and as a paralleling aid
  • Night Navigation Aid: to enable map or compass readings, taking reference points during night marches on a compass bearing etc
  • Aiming Point Light: for the alignment of infantry and light artillery weapons
  • Arc of Fire Markers: two Illuminated Torches can be used to delineate arcs of fire in front of gun
  • emplacements and fire trenches
  • AFV fire control equipment illumination


Torches are self-illuminating, requiring no batteries, bulbs or secondary light source. They are suitable for use in hazardous atmospheres and will continue to operate normally in adverse environmental conditions, even when immersed in water. Markers are rated for operation in temperatures between -60°C and +70°C.


The Torch incorporates a ring and neck cord for easy carrying, handling and temporary fixing to support structures/pickets.

Physical Characteristics

Illumination is provided by a Betalight fixed securely within the unit. SRB Technologies is the original developer of Betalights, an innovative gaseous tritium light source. Betalights are self-illuminating light sources that provide absolute reliability throughout their service life of 10 years. They contain no moving parts and are maintenance-free. As the Torch is continuously illuminated throughout its operational life, an on-off switch is not required.

The inner housing is constructed of tough polycarbonate, the outer body and hinged front cover of black neoprene rubber. A nylon cord is attached to the fixing ring.

SRB Technologies are certified to ISO 9001 and meet the requirements of UK Ministry of Defence Standard 62/4.

Overall length: 77mm
Diameter: 35mm
Weight:45 gram
Please Note: This item is limited to Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Personnel only, with ordering this product you verify you are one of the above.

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