Bahco Laplander Bahco Laplander
Bahco Laplander Bahco Laplander

Bahco Laplander

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Made by Bahco, this invaluable, general-purpose saw is only 9 inches (23 cm) long when folded and has been developed for the true outdoorsman, making it a perfect saw for Bushcraft use. It is reliable, compact, light, and quick and easy to use.

One of its major features is the unique XT toothing, which is very fine and extremely sharp, enabling faster cutting.

The blade is made of heavy gauge steel which gives stability, the teeth are hardened for extra durability and its anti-rust coating also reduces friction, making sawing easier. The blade folds and locks inside the handle, making it easy and safe to carry either in a rucksack. The saw weighs just 6 ounces (175g).

Tip: vervang het leren koordje door bijv fel oranje paracord, dan zie je'm eerder liggen als je m even uit t oog verloren bent.

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